I’m thinking about an estate sale, what do I need to know?

Don’t throw out anything! You wouldn’t believe where we can earn money for you.  Whether you need help selling the contents of your home or one belonging to a deceased relative, it’s best for us to begin working with you after you’re certain everyone has taken what they want to keep.

How do you know what price to put on everything?

Experience, research and more research.  We know the prices our customers expect, and what the market will bear.

Aren’t estate sales always due to a death?

Estate sales are not just for selling the possessions of the deceased.  Many of our clients are simply downsizing or resizing, while others are moving out of the area and don’t want to move with so much stuff.

What happens to the stuff that doesn’t sell?

That depends on what our client wants to do.  Sometimes they’ll say, “Just get it all out of here.”  That’s when we can really get the bargains flying out the door so there isn’t much left.  When requested, we work with homeowners, for a fee, to arrange for items to go to third party consignment shops, charitable donations or recycling.

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